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This past spring I had a serious case of sciatica.  When I was at home, all I wanted to do was to lie on the couch with my left leg resting on the top of the backrest.  I couldn’t drive for an hour without severe pain.  I would have my wife drive and I would assume my favorite position in the back seat. 

Serena spent a half hour checking me out, then gave me six exercises to do every morning and said it would take six weeks for the sciatica to heal.  That was six months ago.  The pain did go away within six weeks and has not returned.  


I still take 5-10 minutes a day doing the exercises, and recently drove four hours to see my son and his family without problems.  I can’t thank Serena enough for getting my life back.

- Dale J, 76 year old

Low back pain and sciatica

Livermore, CA

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