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Physical Therapist, Owner + Founder

serena bruckman

I am Serena Bruckman, a physical therapist and a Board Certified Neurological Clinical Specialist (NCS).  I graduated from Columbia University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program with an orthopedic specialization and sub-specializations in 1) Women’s Health and 2) Craniofacial Pain of Cervicogenic Origin: Headaches and TMD/TMJ. 

I started my career in orthopedics and found myself working at the renowned Magee Rehabilitation in Philadelphia treating patients with neurological and movement disorders (i.e. spinal cord injury, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease).  My experience treating neurological conditions was crucial for my professional development. I learned how to treat very complex patients with multiple systems affected (cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic, respiratory, etc), evaluating/treating movement and gait, addressing the impairments but always tying it back to functional improvement and treating the whole person and not just the diagnosis.

After Magee Rehabilitation, I returned to outpatient physical therapy splitting my time between two practices. I worked at Brooklyn Physiotherapy with Noel Lozares (dual board-certified in orthopedics and sports PT, head physio for multiple US Olympic teams). I worked at Renew Physical Therapy, one of the largest pelvic floor PT practices in NYC.  I transitioned full-time to Renew for the opportunity to train with Isa Herrera, a world-renowned pelvic floor specialist, author, professor, and industry disruptor.  I discovered that patients with pelvic floor dysfunction (mainly women) were underserved despite being in NYC due to difficulty receiving a diagnosis, poor physician referral to pelvic PT despite evidence-based efficacy, lack of pelvic PT providers.  However, the impact of quality physical therapy in this patient population can be life altering. 

Now I help women and men with pelvic floor, urological, gynecological conditions. I treat all orthopedic conditions (head to toe) since the pelvic floor is only one aspect of the system that needs to function within the musculoskeletal system. As a mother of two, I am passionate about supporting women throughout pregnancy by treating their aches and pains, preparing them for childbirth, and helping them with their postpartum recovery.

serena bruckman
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