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Why It Works

We treat the whole body.

Our method is a whole-body systems approach.  We evaluate the entire body instead of just the pelvic floor or where you experience symptoms.  The way you sit, walk, eat, breathe, and think (yes, even your mindset) all have an effect on the pelvic floor.  You will learn how different regions of the body relate to each other and why treatment sometimes begins in an area distant from your symptoms.  The goal is to investigate and address the root causes to your symptoms, heal your pain and restore your mobility and function.


We individualize your program because every person is unique.

We work with your goals, beliefs, and lifestyle to tailor your treatment program.


We empower you with the knowledge and tools to live better, feel better and be confident in your own body.

We help you connect with your body and to understand it so that you have the tools to treat the problem and prevent future injury.

Senior Physiotherapy
Method: My Practice
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